Project Description

Pother bazar is a village market located in Digholia upozilla of Khulna. With more than 300 shops it serves 3,000 people daily in average. The market offers vegetable, fish, meat, grocery, electronics, construction material, garments etc. One existing public toilet at the market has been renovated to provide clean and gender friendly public toilet service at affordable price. The existing toilet had no separate provision for women and no proper management system. Currently the facility has separate female zone with 01 toilet and 01 basin. The male zone has 02 toilet. 02 urinal and 01 basin. The facility also has provision for a small shop which also serves as cash counter for the facility. It has septic tank and soak pit for proper waste management.

The facility remains open from 6 am – 8 pm with 02 hr break during lunch period (12 hr operation). 01 male and 01 female care taker are involved for full time cleaning. The facility is supervised by bhumijo central team. Supply of cleaning material and repair works are taken care of by the central team. Bhumijo team follows stander procedure for operation and reporting. The central team observes the facility full time through security camera (outside toilet) connected through internet.

Revenue streams includes toilet use fee (BDT 5 for toilet and BDT 2 for urinal use), product sale and advertisement space sale. Products includes tea and snakes soled at market price. The cost components are staff salary, bills (electricity, internet), cleaning materials, repair etc. Toilet usage and revenue data is collected daily and compiled on monthly basis to track the business. The initial business experience is promising. Bhumijo is working to ensure the profitability for long term sustainability.

Facility Location