Project Description

Proper Sanitation facility is one of the several social challenges at the slums in Bangladesh. Kalyanpur Wash center project is conceptually a shared toilet facility provided for a defined group of residents who are extremely poor in the slum community.

The main concept of the project was to build a well-designed and well-managed clean and safe community toilet for the slum community in a very congested and small site area to fulfill the basic sanitation needs of the community people. The whole process from designing to completing construction of the toilet was fully engaged with the community peoples and the design was inspired by them. This toilet has separate toilet facilities for male and female to ensure privacy and dignity.

The design concept also inspired to make a clean and dry, well ventilated and Easy to maintain toilet. This toilet is also friendly to persons with disabilities and special needs.

This project is a multiservice center for the community. The services provided by this project are affordable for the low-income community. The highest priority of The community toilet users was immediate water access, cleanliness, and gender-separated toilets.  It includes bathing and laundry facilities and this toilet used as a community hub for the community peoples. They usually gossip together in front of the toilet.

Facility Location

Women only toilet at Noor Mansion


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