Planing and Design

Using our location selection matrix we finds the locations in a city, where public toilets are most needed. The facilities are designed using human centered design methods we incorporate local needs and practices. Innovative architectural ideas helps us to create better ambiance using appropriate techniques and materials. Through better planning and design we make sure the facilities are comfortable and inclusive for women, children, third genders and differently able people. Bhumijo toilet offers a range of services including sanitary napkin to diaper change are catering special needs of women. We provide operation and business plan to make the facilities business wise viable for long term sustainability. Besides, we also conduct research on sanitation condition, user behavior and demand, construction techniques etc.

Design Service Bhumijo


Through better construction management we ensure timely delivery and quality as per design. Our construction includes both off and on site fabrication using range of materials based on project demand. We provide both full construction support (Material purchase and labor payment by Bhumijo) or construction supervision support (Material purchase and labor payment by client or other constructor).


Our service includes both full maintenance and partial maintenance supervision. Full maintenance services includes cleaning, staff management, repair, accounts management, data collection, environmental quality check etc. Partial maintenance supervision includes periodic quality check and improvement planning.

Maintenance Service Bhumijo
Product Placement Service Bhumijo

Product Placement

Using interior and exterior surfaces of the facility we offer advertisement services. We also offer audio and video advertisement options inside the facility. Advertisements can also be done using our direction signages, internal symbols etc. Product display can be done at specific areas within our facility. Additional to product placement services Bhumijo design team also provides the designs for the advertisements.


Nur Mansion, Gawsia Market, Dhaka

Nur Mansion BeforNur Mansion After

Rangpur Public Toilet, Rangpur

Rangpur Public ToiletRangpur Public Toilet

Public Toilet at Gulshan-1,Kacha Bazar


Kalyanpur Wash Centre


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