Bhumjio will carry out location selection for a proposed project, or provide consultancy on the appropriateness of location for the proposed project.

Bhumijo will carry out user research in the surrounding area while providing architectural and engineering design solutions.

Bhumijo will supervise construction so they are conforming to design and quality standards.


Includes all the services under “Design” segment.

Bhumijo will manage the day-to-day construction of the proposed project like buying building materials, construction worker supervision etc.


Top Supervision: Bhumijo provides a supervisor and monitors cleaners and attendants and facility to confirm that quality standards are maintained.

Full-Supervision: Bhumijo central management manages the entire facility; hiring supervisors, cleaners and attendants, maintaining inventory and maintaining repairing and quality standards

Maintenance Service Bhumijo

Product Placement

Product Placement Service Bhumijo

Bhumijo provides advertising space in facilities including signs, product display areas, Audio/Visual systems and blank walls for branding.


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